Women of Color Say NO ON PROP 35


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“The Californians Against Sexual Exploitation Act (CASE Act) is on the November 2012 ballot (Proposition 35). The Act claims to address child trafficking by increasing fines and sentences, channeling money to victims’ services, promoting law enforcement training andclamping down on … Continue reading

California Coalition for Women Prisoners say VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 35


CASE ACT (Californians Against Sexual Exploitation) Prop 35 exploits the public’s concern about human trafficking and the trafficking of minors to heighten criminalization of sex workers and all those associated with them.  It increases prison sentences and fines, expands sex … Continue reading

Trafficking – a justification for increased deportations and a moralistic crusade against prostitution


1. The public’s understandable concern for victims of trafficking including young people is being used to promote a moralistic and dangerous crusade against prostitution. The anti-trafficking campaign allied with law enforcement and the religious right claims that all prostitution is rape/sexual exploitation. It … Continue reading