Know Your Rights To: Protection Justice, Compensation for Sex Workers & Formerly Incarcerated People – Campaign & Booklet


On July 14th 2021 US PROStitutes Collective launched a new Know Your Rights campaign and booklet for sex workers and formerly incarcerated people. The booklet focuses on hard won laws and policies that have to do with protection, justice and … Continue reading

New Know Your Rights Campaign & Booklet


Announcing New Campaign & Booklet!Know Your Rights To: Protection, Justice, CompensationFor Sex Workers & Formerly Incarcerated PeopleLaunch Day: Wednesday July 14th 202110am PT/ 11am MT / 1pm ET The campaign aims to publicize policies and laws won by grassroots sex … Continue reading

Int’l Whore’s Day Rally @ CaDemState Convention

This year International Whore’s Day coincides with the 2019 California Democratic Party State Convention.

Let’s make our voices heard on what’s happening to sex workers!  There is a crisis of poverty and criminalization in the US.  55% of people are poor or low-income in California.  More women, particularly mothers are going into prostitution as a result.  Daily we face arrest and jail with women of color, trans and street workers most targeted. Criminalization makes us vulnerable to violence — 60% of sex workers have experienced violence while working. CA bill SB 233 bill calls for an amnesty from arrest for sex workers reporting violence.

As the national momentum for our rights grows, decriminalization is within our reach. There will be at least 10 of the Democratic Presidential hopefuls in attendance, many of whom voted for #FOSTA, the federal bill which criminalized online advertising, which has undermined safer ways of working.

Rally with us to make our voices heard, for an end to poverty and criminalization, #RepealFOSTA, support CA bill SB 233.  Bring your signs and banners!


Support Lawsuit to Decriminalize Prostitution in California


A lawsuit led by Erotic Service Provider Legal, Education & Research Project (ESPLERP) calls for the removal of California Penal Code 647(b), which criminalizes soliciting or engaging in prostitution. This law is used for most prostitution-related arrests in California. The court case … Continue reading

Resolution Supporting Sex Workers’ Safety and Rights: for the Decriminalization of Prostitution


Decriminalization makes it safer for sex workers Full text USSF Detroit 2010 Resolution Supporting Sex Workers’ Safety and Rights: for the Decriminalization of Prostitution US PROStitutes Collective P.O. Box 14512 San Francisco CA 94114 Contact: Rachel West 415-626-4114 uspros@prostitutescollective.netContinue reading