LA Times, California Council of Churches part of a growing list vs Prop 35

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November 1, 2012
Issued by: Legal Action for Women; Pier 5 Law Offices; Queer Strike; US PROStitutes Collective, part of a coalition of groups opposing Prop 35

Contact: Rachel West, US PROStitutes Collective (415) 640-4250.

LA Times, California Council of Churches part of growing list vs Prop 35  

Today the LA Times again announced their opposition to Prop 35, this time on their opinion page.  Other media outlets around California are also taking a no on 35 position.  The Fresno Bee, Bay View,  Daily KOS, San Francisco Examiner,  Sacramento Bee, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Bay Area Reporter among others are listing a No on 35 on their endorsement lists.

They join the California Council of Churches, the Center for Juvenile Justice as well as anti-trafficking groups such as the SAGE Project and Chab Dai who were supporting the proposition and have now rescinded their endorsements. Other statewide and national anti-trafficking groups have chosen not to support it. San Jose City Council just decided to take a no vote on 35 when they were preparing to support it a few weeks ago. The movement against  Prop 35 is growing daily despite the efforts of its wealthy backers to mislead the public.

Opposition to Prop 35, also known as the Case Act (Californians against Sexual Exploitation) which California voters will be voting on in the November 6 election also include:   Asian Pacific Islanders Legal Outreach; Bay Area Freedom Socialist Party; Bernal Heights Democratic Club; Black Women for Wellness; California Coalition for Women Prisoners; California Association for Criminal Justice Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice; California Correctional Crisis; California Reform Sex Offender Laws; Eastbay Alliance For a Sustainable Economy; Francisco Lobaco for American Civil Liberties Union; Free Speech Coalition, Northern California; Global Network of Sex Work Projects; Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club; John Vanek, ex San Jose police officer, specializing in anti-trafficking; Causa Justa::Just Cause; Law Professor Hader Aviram; Lois Lee, Founder, Children of The Night; Peace and Freedom Party; PVV; Queer Strike, San Francisco; Rising Action Fund; San Francisco Tenants Union; San Jose Peace and Justice Center; Susan Israel, California Public Defenders Association; Trafficking Policy Research Project; Women of Color in the Global Women’s SF/Bay Area and many more.

The official opposition to the ballot measure, Maxine Doogan, of the Erotic Service Providers Union reports that people from all walks of life are calling to ask about Prop 35 and once informed  about what Prop 35 is really about, are ready to vote against it.

 Sex worker organizations are opposing Prop 35 as they foresee a massive increase in law enforcement as the fallout from this measure leading to increased arrests, raids and prosecutions of sex workers. This will result in prostitution being forced more underground and sex workers, the majority of whom are not being forced or coerced to work, deterred from reporting rape and other violence for fear of arrest. They are also concerned that the measure would result in the racist targeting of immigrant sex workers by law enforcement, resulting in more deportations.

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