Opposition to Proposition 35


 Opposition   to Prop 35, the Case Act on trafficking, is growing (see below). 

 Prop   35 pretends to be about protecting young people from trafficking but instead   it:

 Criminalizes anyone   who assists young people in prostitution — a young person under 21 working   with a friend could face prosecution as a trafficker and sex offender status   for life, for giving her/him something “of value”.

Does nothing to help   genuine victims – no housing, welfare, or other resources are provided to   help victims recover and rebuild their lives. Existing laws on rape,   kidnapping and exploitation could be used against violent offenders if there   was the will to do so.

Increases law   enforcement, which will result in more raids, prosecutions and imprisonment   of sex workers. Pushing prostitution   underground leaves sex workers more vulnerable to rape and abuse. Victims   of violence will be deterred from reporting for fear of arrest, and for those   of us who are immigrant, for fear of deportation.

Exaggerates the extent   of child sex trafficking by using phony statistics; mystifies the rape and   abduction of children by calling it “commercial sexual exploitation” and   “trafficking”.

Downgrades the most   common forms of trafficking –domestic work, sweat shops, agriculture,   restaurants — by providing lower penalties for these labor victims.

 Encourages corruption:   police and NGOs will get the money collected in fines, giving them a vested   interest in more and more arrests. Victims get no direct funds.

Allows a massive law   enforcement intrusion and invasion of privacy    of the internet.

Promotes a moral   crusade by misleading the public and mixing up prostitution, which is   consenting sex, with trafficking, which is force, coercion and fraud. A   similar crusade against Craigslist deprived sex workers of a way to advertise   and work independently.

Watch out! Facebook   millionaire Chris Kelly is pumping money into Prop 35. Is this another   misinformed, opportunist who appears more interested in furthering his political   career than the needs of vulnerable people?

For   more info:  Againstthecaseact@gmail.com  

http://www.Againstthecaseact.com        http://www.esplerp.org             http://www.uspros.net  


Opposition to Proposition 35

 California   Council of Churches:   ” This proposition not only does nothing to   help victims, it amends the existing law in very dangerous ways… By   emphasizing penalties we will simply once again expand the prison   population… We cannot support it.”

California Coalition of Women Prisoners: “The law enforcement, pro-prison, anti-woman, anti-trans agenda   behind Prop 35 needs to be exposed and defeated!” 

 Nedra Ruiz, Criminal   Attorney:”Enactment of Prop 35 will double state prison   penalties and create a new life sentence with the result that the innocent   accused would be afraid to go to trial and risk such severe penalties.”

Sacramento   Bee: “More than enhanced   penalties, changes in the evidence code or expanded state sex offender   registry, victims of human trafficking need safe harbors, and assurance that   if they are rescued they won’t be deported.”

 Assembly   Member Tom Ammiano:   “There are things in this proposition that I have some concerns about   and am troubled by.”

 Maxine Doogan: Erotic   Service Providers Union: Prop   35 relies on failed policies that use criminalization as a means to arrest   the under-aged all the while calling it rescue; it will open the door to   corrupt practices we’ve seen before in drug enforcement.”

Bay Area Reporter: “This proposition is not necessary and has too many bad   provisions. This proposition is an abuse of the initiative process. The   proposition makes no provision for funding, which will certainly be in   the tens of millions of dollars annually. It also contains numerous   provisions that seriously invade privacy and would have lifelong effects   on those caught in its web.”

California   Legislator Mark Leno: “This is an issue that the   legislature has repeatedly been dealing with..unfortunately in my opinion the   proponents never approached us to see if they could work with us or to amend   our bills.. and again to find a way to pay for the additional cost…”

Cindy   Liou, Asian Pacific Islander Legal   Outreach: “It incorrectly presumes that increased   prosecution and protections of trafficking survivors is entirely premised on   increased penalties and fines rather than a comprehensive approach.”

US PROStitutes Collective:   “Existing anti-trafficking measures are   primarily used to criminalize sex workers and target immigrant sex workers,   in particular women of color, for arrest and deportation. Prop 35 turns sex   workers and their friends and families into sex offenders.”

 John   Vanek,   ex-San Jose cop, specializing in anti-trafficking:  “……Prop 35   could actually harm the response to trafficking in our state. Enhancing   trafficking laws should be created via the legislative process, not the  initiative process. I urge you to vote NO on Prop 35…..a shotgun approach   to a complex issue.”






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