D17: Stand with sex workers demanding that Mission Police stop arrests and prioritize safety!

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

Stand with sex workers demanding that Mission Police stop arrests and prioritize safety!

Noon on December 17, 2018

Mission Police Station 630 Valencia Street, SF

  • More women, particularly mothers, are being driven onto the Mission streets due to increasing poverty, high rents, homelessness and the federal FOSTA/SESTA law cracking down on online advertising.
  • Instead of implementing the SF Police Department’s Prioritizing Safety for Sex Workers Policy, the Mission police captain has established a Sex Work Abatement Unit to aggressively arrest sex workers, clients and others associated with sex workers in the central Mission.
  • These actions contradict the SFPD policy which says that “criminalization of sex work is one of the primary barriers to [sex workers] reporting violence to law enforcement.”
  • Women of color, immigrant and trans women are targeted for arrests. Stop this racist policing.
  • A vocal minority of residents have been calling on the police to “eradicate” prostitution from central Mission. Many other neighbors don’t support this approach and refuse to be divided from sex workers, homeless people and others under attack.

As sex workers and other local people we demand:

►an end to the arrests

►resources to help women get out of sex work if they want.

Support the decriminalization of sex work for safety’s sake.

Protest called by the US PROStitutes Collective and Erotic Service Providers Union.

Endorsed by Rad Mission Neighbors

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/636899836748545/

For more info: uspros@prostitutescollective.net; or info@esplerp.org

Call 415 626-4114 or 415 265-3302

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