Photos: US PROS at Rally, International Women’s Strike (IWS) Oakland & Our Sex Worker Contingent


US PROS took part in the IWS in Oakland with women in 50 other countries participating.  We spoke at the main rally (see video link) at Oscar Grant Plaza, which was packed with thousands of people, and our statement was very well received.  Other women spoke about valuing women’s unwaged work, a living wage for mothers and other caregivers, also the harsh realities of being homeless, and the fight of low-wage workers for a decent wage.  We then joined the IWS March with a Sex Worker Contingent through the streets of Oakland.  The crowd arrived at the Sheriff’s Dept. for a speak-out and then onward to Uber for a second stop & speak-out.  Speakers at both locations addressed being criminalized by law enforcement, facing eviction, the healthcare crisis & homelessness.  The march was loud, vibrant and powerful – with music, chanting and drumming. usp3womenIWSP1000825P1000846P1000844

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