Bay Area Int’l Day to End Violence against Sex Workers

Les Pros

Les Prostitutées de Lyon Parlent – The Prostitutes of Lyon Speak

December 17, 2017  
Center for Sex & Culture  
1349 Mission St.  {bet. 9th & 10th Sts.}
  Film show, discussion & potluck,  2-4 pm    
“Les Prostitutées de Lyon Parlent – The Prostitutes of Lyon Speak ”
by Carole Roussopoulos
On June 3, 1975, 150 prostitute women occupied one of the main churches in the center of Lyon, France. A banner was hung over the church façade ‘Our children don’t want their mothers in prison.’ The occupation was sparked by the brutal torture and murder of sex workers, and a police crackdown. Instead of going after the murderer/s, the police were handing out fines and threatening women with prison. Within weeks churches had been occupied all over France including in Paris. The church occupations sparked the modern day sex workers rights movement. 45 min
“Tales of the Grim Sleeper”   by Nick Broomfield  (excerpts)  
Clips from Tales of the Grim Sleeper — a devastating expose of the lack of value police placed on the lives of Black women, many of whom were sex workers working the street in Los Angeles. It documents the case of the serial murders of Black women in LA, & law enforcement and officials’ criminal neglect, also campaigning by the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders for police accountability and justice for the victims and their families.
Sponsored by US PROStitutes Collective & In Defense of Prostitute Women’s Safety, (415) 626-4114    

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