Links to Media Coverage of the Victory on Compensation for Rape

2013-12-12 12.08.07

See links to unprecedented nationwide media coverage of the victory at the California Victim Compensation board to allow sex workers compensation for rape.


TAKEPART: “Prostitutes Who Are Attacked Could Have a Safety Net in This State”

SALON: “In major legal victory, sex workers in California gain access to victim compensation rights”

THE PROVINCE: “Proposal would have prostitutes who are raped or beaten get paid from Calif. victims fund”

PRESS TELEGRAM: “California prostitutes win victim compensation”

YAHOO NEWS: “Calif. prostitutes may gain victim compensation”

ABC NEWS: “California prostitutes win victim compensation”

CBS SAN FRANCISCO: “California To Allow Compensation For Prostitutes Who Are Victims Of Violent Crimes”

U.S. NEWS: “California Revokes Discriminatory Rule Against Sex Workers”

CAPITOL ALERT: “Victim compensation board overturns rule denying sex workers’ claims”

SF GATE: “Raped prostitutes could be eligible for victim aid”

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE: “Sex worker fights for victims of rape, assault”

THE CALIFORNIA REPORT: “Sex workers now eligible for Victim Compensation”

THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: “California sex workers granted victims’ rights”

THE HUFFINGTON POST: “A Long-Overdue Victory For California’s Rape Victims”

48 HILLS: “A rape victim — and a victim of an unjust system”

KOMO NEWS: “California prostitutes win victim compensation”

KLS: “California prostitutes win victim compensation”

NBC NEWS: “California prostitutes win right to victim compensation”

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: “Questions and answers about Calif. sex worker rule”

KQED NEWS: “Abused Sex Workers Can Now Tap Into State Fund for Victims”

REASON.COM: “Calif. to open victim compensation funds to prostitutes”

CAPITAL PUBLIC RADIO: “Prostitutes Who Are Victims Of Violent Crimes To Receive Money From Calif. Compensation Fund”

3 NEWS: “California debates victim compensation for prostitutes”

EAST BAY EXPRESS: “California Sex Worker Groups Seek Access to Compensation for Rape Victims”

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