US Social Forum workshop – Rape, Prostitution, Trafficking – the Issue is Consent

US Social Forum Workshop

Rape, Prostitution, Trafficking –

The Issue is Consent

 How a growing international movement is demanding decriminalization of sex work, prioritizing resources, and protection. How anti-trafficking and law enforcement undermine women’s safety and rights and target immigrant sex workers in particular for raids and deportation.

  US PROStitutes Collective is an organization of women who work or have worked in different areas of the sex industry. Since 1982, we have been campaigning for decriminalization and safety of sex workers.  Our work includes:

 -fighting against criminal records, women’s poverty and for housing, welfare, living wages and pay equity in the global market so that any of us can leave prostitution whenever we want;

-helping women win against charges of soliciting, loitering, obstructing the sidewalk, SOAPS (Stay of Areas of Prostitution); opposing racial profiling by police and courts;

-being a key member of the groundbreaking San FranciscoTask Force on Prostitution, which recommended decriminalization; leading a community monitoring of the trial of serial attacker Jack Bokin; spearheading a recent campaign against increased criminalization of massage parlors making it more dangerous for sex workers;

-organizing Stand- ins against the arrests of sex workers on the streets and with the Coalition on Homelessness opposing a law which would make it illegal to Sit/Lie on San Francisco’s sidewalks;

– opposing the moralistic anti-trafficking crusade which by claiming that all prostitution is rape/violence, has primarily targeted immigrant sex workers for raids & deportations.  Genuine trafficking victims, including the majority working in sweatshops, domestic work and agriculture, get no help.

We are part of the International Prostitutes Collective. If you need or support our work please help by donating: by check or through our website

Thursday, June 24, 10am

Cobo Hall, Room D2 09

Sponsored by US PROStitutes Collective,

co-sponsored by Global Women’s Strike and Every Mother is a Working Mother Network.

For info: 415-640-4250,

P.O. Box 14512, San Francisco, CA 94114


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