!!Urgent call to action!!

People of Asian descent and of all ethnicities and nationalities!

When:  Monday, November 3rd 6pm,
Wanted: lion head masks, lion dancers!
Asian drummers (taiko?), horns, kazoos and signs!
Please call             1-877-776-2004             x5 for info or if you plan to show up!

Bring a red umbrella.  It is going to rain!
Meet up point: o’farrell and polk streets

March through the tenderloin, through chinatown stopping at asian week’s offices (who slated a no on k), and end at the park on on kearny st.

Protest racial profiling of asian sex work venues in the name of “stopping trafficking.”   Protest the racist representations of the [anti-prostitution] asian sex slave campaigns! There have been 0 convictions of human trafficking in san francisco since 2006, but gavin newsom was present during the raids of 17 massage parlors where he rescued an allegedly underaged girl from forced prostitution.

Stand together in solidarity with voluntary asian sex workers in san francisco and beyond who defend their right to livelihood. In cambodia, in 2008 an anti-trafficking policy change resulted in overnight criminal status of sex workers and drug users to be imprisoned in detention camps, malnourished and abused by authorities until their families can afford bail. The prisoners are detained in the same detention camps used during the reign of pol pot.  This is all in an effort to prove that they are cracking down on child trafficking.  No one seems to be finding the real trafficking victims so they arrest and imprison voluntary sex workers.

Decriminalization makes it safer for everyone involved and helps to uncover underworld conditions that breed trafficking and exploitative prostitution.  Do not believe when harris & newsom say they have any of our communities’  best interest in mind.

Protest the exploitation of the sad victimized asian female victim.  The asian woman/girl that seeks rescue is the ultimate submissive stereotype. We, asian sex workers oppose the pretty woman patriarchal rescue mission ideology, kamala harris!  Give us rights not rescue!

Sex workers of asian descent have been misrepresented by western colonialism since the gold rush days of chinese prostitutes in san francisco.  Criminalization of sex workers and their clients is not necessary to find true trafficking victims.  Criminalization of sex workers makes them more vulnerable to labor abuses, workplace violence and more vulnerable to making compromises in std/violence prevention.

“my name is mariko passion.  I am an artist, a woman of color and a community activist locally and globally.  I live and do sex work in san francisco, please vote yes on proposition k!”

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