New Zealand Prostitutes Collective in San Francisco

February 10th 6PM-10PM
Center for Sex and Culture theatre, 1519 Mission street, San Francisco

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce that the US PROStitutes Collective (US PROS) and Sex Worker Outreach Project USA (SWOP) are hosting Catherine Healy, member of the New Zealand Prostitution Law Review Committee[1], on a visit to San Francisco. Catherine was appointed to the Committee by the Minister of Justice and was a key member of the broad based coalition which achieved the decriminalization of prostitution in New Zealand in 2003.

Catherine comes to San Francisco from London, where she spoke at the House of Commons and various meetings around the country, at the invitation of the Safety First Coalition (chaired by the English Collective of Prostitutes – ECP). Her tour transformed the debate on prostitution in the UK so that decriminalization, as practiced in New Zealand, is now discussed as a viable option. A packed meeting in Parliament was attended by over 10 Lords and Ladies and inspired them and many others to vigorously oppose a government Bill which proposes compulsory “rehabilitation” for sex workers and measures to criminalize men who buy sex.

We are also glad to announce that Niki Adams, spokeswoman for the ECP, will be accompanying Catherine on her visit to the San Francisco Bay Area and can tell us more about these groundbreaking events. Niki has organised for sex worker rights for over 15 years. Her work has helped set legal precedents which challenge discrimination and establish prostitute women’s right to protection. She was key to the first private prosecution for rape in England, brought by two prostitute women — the rapist was found guilty and sentenced to 14 years, She co-ordinates Legal Action for Women (LAW), an anti-sexist, anti-racist, legal service, founded in 1982, for low income women and their families based in London.

Catherine and Niki will be arriving in San Francisco on February 5 and leaving on February 12. US PROS and SWOP USA along with SWOP NORCAL will host a reception – February 10th 6PM-10PM @ the Center for Sex and Culture theatre (1519 mission street. Look for the green awning next to the le Duplex bar). Snacks and drink will be available, donations welcome. For more info please email or

Robyn Few Rachel West
Sex Worker Outreach Project US PROStitutes Collective


[1] The Prostitution Law Review Committee is an eleven member Committee appointed by the Minister of Justice. Nominations to the Committee were provided by the Ministers of Justice, Health, Police, Commerce, Local Government and the Minister of Women’s Affairs in consultation with the Minister of Youth Affairs and the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective.

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