Event with DHS Give us Back our Children

You are invited to a film showing &  reception

with filmmaker Phoebe Jones

of the Every Mother is a Working Mother Network in Philadelphia

 ◄”This film speaks to the lives of women in our network who also face losing their children because they are criminalized. The majority of sex workers are mothers trying to feed children & support families. Criminalization makes women vulnerable to rape & other violence too. This film is a must see.”  Rachel West, US PROStitutes Collective

Film: DHS: Give Us Back Our Children
Mothers and others come together to reclaim children from the child welfare industry


Produced by:  Every Mother is a Working Mother Network & Scribe Video Center,

Sept 2010.  18min.   NTSC.  

                       ◄”This film is heartbreaking but inspirational.  It shows mothers and grandmothers, Black and white, exploding the myths of child ‘protection’. It is clear that good and loving moms are losing their kids to a system that is selling poor children for profit and prejudice.”  Pat Gowens, Editor, Mother Warriors Voice.


Sunday, December 5     3-5pm

 Crossroads Women’s Center, 333 Valencia St #350, SF (btn 14th&15th St, near 16th St BART)

wheelchair accessible, snacks provided

Film showing followed by discussion with Phoebe who will speak about the growing national network of mothers fighting for justice & winning back their children.

Sponsored by “In Defense of Prostitute Women’s Safety”, a project of US PROStitutes Collective and Legal Action for Women.   For more info: 415-626-4114; USPROS@allwomencount.net. www.internationalprostitutescollective.net.

Partially funded by the Department on the Status of Women



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