“Rape and Prostitution – A Question of Consent”

♦  See how sex workers came together with Ladies and Lords, Members of Parliament and a wide range of supporters including from Iraq, India and Bolivia to challenge new repressive legislation in the England.   Hear them confront the religious fundamentalists and government feminists who say prostitution is rape and claim that most sex workers have been trafficked, meanwhile rapists continue to get away with it and the police prioritize arresting sex workers.

♦   Join us for an update and discussion of the next action to take to address the increasing violence, poverty and criminalization of sex workers in the SF Bay Area, the impact of the economic crisis on women and sex workers rights and safety and how anti-trafficking laws are used against the immigrant community and others. Come strategize on how to debunk misinformation on trafficking.

Thursday, April 23


Center for Sex and Culture

1519   Mission Street (at 11th)

San Francisco

Sponsored by US PROStitutes Collective and In Defense of Prostitute Women’s Safety

Endorsed by Legal Action for Women; Sfdecrim; Wages Due Lesbians

For more info, call 415-626-4114; email: USPROS@allwomencount.net

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